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All California employees have a right to be paid for their work. When an employer refuses to pay wages an employee has earned, or when the employer violates state or federal laws governing wages and overtime, employees are entitled to a remedy.

The Haeggquist and Eck Firm helps workers recover the back pay and other remedies to which they are entitled. From their offices in Orange County, the employment lawyers at The Haeggquist and Eck Firm are dedicated to helping workers who have been cheated or exploited by employers that violate laws.

Situations an Unpaid Wages Lawyer Can Assist You With

Employers are required to pay the amount they agreed to pay for the work that an employee performs. That requirement protects all California employees, whether they receive hourly pay, a salary, or a commission.

The Haeggquist and Eck Firm helps employees bring claims for payment of unpaid wages. We also represent individuals who were paid less than they are owed. Our experienced lawyers know employment legalities inside out.  Examples of unpaid and underpaid wage claims include:

  • The employer failed to pay an employee for the hours that the employee worked.
  • The employer insisted that a worker perform labor “off the clock.”
  • The employer fired the employee, or the employee resigned, and the employer failed to pay for hours that the employee worked before employment ended.
  • The employer paid less than minimum wage.
  • The employer made illegal or unauthorized deductions from an employee’s paycheck.
  • The employer waited longer than the permitted time to pay the employee after the pay period ended.

An unpaid wage claim might also be based on any of the special circumstances described below.

Unpaid Commissions

Sales commissions must be calculated according to the employer’s agreement with the employee. When employers fail to pay the full commission pursuant to that agreement, employees are entitled to bring a wage claim to collect the unpaid commission.  The Haeggquist and Eck Firm helps employees collect commissions that were earned but not paid.

Unpaid Overtime

When you’re not fairly compensated for your work our legal team is ready to help.  Employers must pay overtime compensation to nonexempt employees for all hours they work in excess of 8 hours per day or 40 hours per week. California law also requires the payment of overtime when an employee works seven consecutive days in a workweek.

As we discuss below, employers sometimes try to evade overtime laws by misclassifying workers as exempt or as independent contractors. The Haeggquist and Eck Office can investigate your case to advise you whether you were deprived of overtime pay that you are entitled to collect.